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German World of Dance 2018 - Ticket Order for Social and Spectators

Be sure to order your ticket now! :)

Deadline for registration Social/Spectator is May 20, 2018.

Personal Data from Customer

First- and Lastname

Legal guardian if below 18 years


Zipcode, City




Date of birth




Social Dancer


Donīt forget: aktivate customer categorie above (Social Dancer or Spectator)

Activation of the round field - in terms of main customer

(Social or Spectator) - required.

Enter the quantity of the required tickets.

Multiple order of Tickets is possible.

Early Bird prices valid till April 08, 2018!

Price Early Bird
Price Regular
Social Weekend Pass
EUR 30,-
EUR 40.-
Social Weekend Pass youth (10-17)
EUR 15,-
EUR 25.-
Spectator Weekend Pass (without Workshops & open Dancing)
EUR 15,-
EUR 25.-
My Age is: 0-9 Years
EUR 0.-
EUR 0.-


Comments, Ideas, Wishes:


"The signatory(ies) and the party or parties listed agree not to hold the organisers of this event, their agents, helpers or any other person connected with the organising of the event responsible for any injury, loss or personal damages resulting from the event named above. We certify that we are 18 years of age or older, applicable to Legal Guardian if under 18 years of age. WOD rules apply to competition.

Name, Division and reported dances are published in  "Competitors". All other personal information, which are necessary for registration, of course remain internally.

I have read and accept the agreement.


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