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German World of Dance 2019

The Renegades are a group of dance enthusiasts of all ages. We dance country and western line dancing, Couple Dance, Partner Dance and Show-Formation dance.

We dance together as a group since 1999.

First, as an interest group, and - since 2002 Country Western Dance provided officially by the German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB) was recognized sport, we have decided to set up a registered haritable organization and is a member of the Federal Association for Country Western Dance (BfCW e.V.).

There, our trained and licensed coaches and judges regularly attend training seminars.

A highlight of 2004 was the participation in the 1st German Championship of BfCW, which was officially recognized by the German Olympic Sports Confederation. There the Renegades won 6 "German champions' titles, and they were the most successful club nationwide.

Also in the following years we could take quite a few German Champion titles home. And also dancers of the Renegades won some international titles and excellent rankings.

Since 2010 the Renegades hosts the German World of Dance.

This is an open dance tournament, in which membership is not required to. The fun dancing and measuring with others is the ultimate target.

Even on a personal level we are often traveling together. Bowling and barbecues are just as much about how a trip or whatever else we can think of. But over the years we have remained, which we have always been and remain true to our motto:



2012-2019 German World of Dance